Textbook Adoption Form

Hi! Welcome to the Vic Books textbook ordering section.

Please give us as much information as you can, especially if you are setting a book from a small or specialised publisher. As for class size, we know that it's just a shot in the dark until those little bottoms hit the seats, but it gives us some idea as to the magnitude of the order: one copy, ten copies, one hundred, etc.

We make a distinction between Essential Texts and Recommended Reading. A Set Text is a book that you expect the class to buy, read and treasure because you use it extensively in the course (and it may have all the answers in the back). A Recommended Reading is a good read but basically not compulsory. Student Study Guides accompanying a Prescribed Text and Solutions Manuals tend to fall into the category of Recommended Readings, as do extremely expensive books or books that cover only part of the course.

You can request desk or inspection copies straight from the publisher - if you are unsure of contact details we can probably find them. Publishers prefer to send these directly to you so remember to make your request in plenty of time.

If there's anything else you want to tell us about the books or your class, you can pop in and see us, or e-mail us.

If the order you place using the online form is successful then you will receive an automatic email response. If you are unsure if your order has gone through please call 04 2806202 or email us.


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